Weirdest chip flavours from around the world

Do you dare try these obscure snacks?

Weirdest chip flavours from around the world
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23/03/18 | StarsInsider

FOOD Chips

Remember the old Lays potato chip slogan, "betcha can't eat just one?" Well, with these odd flavours perhaps one is one too many! If you are feeling particularly adventurous, try these potato chip flavours from around the world.

Milk Chocolate: As a lover of all things chocolate, this might be pushing the bill. A cocoa-covered potato chip sounds like the disgusting love child of two things the world holds near and dear. Keep dessert for dessert!

Creamy Garlic Caesar: Salad dressing flavoured chips may work for cool ranch Doritos, but Caesar salad Lays sounds like an attempt at being healthy gone wrong.

Borsch (Beetroot Soup): It's hard not to laugh out loud when thinking of eating beet soup flavored chips. Borsch wasn't the most popular thing on the menu before, making it into a potato chip isn't likely to help.

Pigs In Blankets: How do they make it taste like both a hot dog and the doughy outside? Does it also taste like a mustard dip?

Wasabi Ginger: Sushi and chips are entirely different categories of food, and combining them may make your palate seriously question your judgement.

Brie: Classing up potato chips is just wrong. Leave the cheese boards out of the bag!

Mint Mischief: Not sure what is so mischievous about mint, but it definitely peaks your curiousity.

Cappuccino: "Mmm, nothing like waking up to a steaming cup of potato chips," said no one ever.

Next time you have a midday craving, go for one of these random flavours! It may be the diet kickstart you've been looking for.


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